The Buffalo Are Singing

Finally, finally, when we’d conquered our endless to-do list and had a little break after Christmas, and my husband got a cold that lowered his voice an octave, he recorded himself singing, and then worked on the recording until we could pretend it was buffalo singing.

It took a while to set up (complications with compatibility with various systems), and it doesn’t work for Internet Explorer, but otherwise… take a look. It’s on the Veil Weavers page of my website ­– click on the buffalo below Josh and Maddy’s map.


The Recording Studio




Singing Buffalo

My website has been adorned by a couple of buffalo (characters in The Veil Weavers) If you run the cursor over them they’ll stand and sing (see photo below). Mine, in the story, don’t stand and sing. They just sing as they walk along.

The artwork was created by my webguy and children’s illustrator Derek Mah He says his buffalo are Robert Plant and Janis Joplin.




12 Jul 2012, 8:18am

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I’m going to be at Wordfest!

It’s finally up on the website, so I can announce – I’ll be one of the authors at Wordfest in Calgary and Banff this October. I’m thrilled!

They asked if I’d also go to Banff and I said, Of course! I love Banff. The Veil Weavers takes place in Calgary and then up into the mountains near Banff, so that’ll make it even more fun. Maybe I’ll see you there…

Here’s the Wordfest link for BookRapport, the section of the festival for children:


Castle Mountain, west of Banff


A Fun Week

Tuesday morning I drove through the rain to Cochrane, for a couple of sessions with the grade 4 English students at Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School. Half a class was stolen by a giant gopher, and while most were rescued, a few kids chose to remain as gophers, exploring a new land filled with strange creatures. Then we discovered a class infiltrated by alien androids, who were defeated by the rest of the class with the help of a superhero librarian with a book of spells.

Now I get to wrap up the contest and spend a couple of days hanging out with friends from Scotland, and then on Saturday I launch The Veil Weavers. I’ve been promised a spider scavenger hunt and tattoos. Being a kids writer is so much fun!


Launching The Veil Weavers

It’s time to launch The Veil Weavers, third in the Veil of Magic trilogy.

If you’re in Calgary, please come:

Saturday, May 5, at 2:00 pm

Monkeyshines Children’s Books

113, 2215 – 33rd Ave. S.W., Calgary

Amber from Coteau has planned a Spider scavenger hunt, but don’t ask me anything about it, because I don’t know! I love a surprise.

I hope to see you there,



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