Calgary Through The Eyes of Writers

Shaun Hunter’s project Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers features The Veil Weavers today. I love the timing, days before a city council vote on a development project that would keep the water downstream of Confederation Park underground, instead of restoring it as a stream in Highland Park, as local residents are fighting for.

The Joy of Fan Mail

I received an email from a young writer friend:

It has been a while since I last read your book, but I finally got the chance to read The Veil of Magic series cover to cover and I LOVED it!!!  I loved them so much that I wish there were more in the series.

This is exactly what a writer likes to hear!




A Challenge to Writers and Illustrators for Kids

As part of my Christmas giving, I have decided to donate a buffalo through Why a buffalo? Because I have buffalo in my story The Veil Weavers. Of course, mine are bison and this is a water buffalo, but hey… it’s still a buffalo. And it will make a family very happy.

My challenge to all my kid-writer and illustrator friends (and writers for adults) is to find a donation that fits with one of your stories. Plan Canada has a catalogue, as does Operation Eyesight and Unicef.

Derek Mah, there must be a Save the Komodo Dragon fund somewhere. Monica Kulling – an animal shelter? And Art Slade, Plan Canada has a pig just for you. To anyone who accepts my challenge: please let me know, and pass on the challenge.


Writing Retreat

I’m in Canmore for three days, staying in a lovely condo, on my own, courtesy of a brother- and sister-in-law. This is one of the best gifts I’ve received as a writer. A writing retreat!

The drive up was gorgeous, the sky clear blue, the mountains starkly white and deep blue on the horizon. I listened to Jian Gomeshi interviewing Lynn Coady about her Giller prize win.

Before I left home, I heard (thanks, Monica Kulling, who knows all), that The Veil Weavers is on the Canada Toy Testing Councils Great Books for 2014 list. I’m thrilled! When my daughters were little I loved the Toy Council lists, as a way to find toys with great play value, as the toys are all tested by kids. It pleases me deeply to have a story chosen by kids.


The Veil Weavers ebook

The Veil Weavers will be available as an e-book starting next week. Yeah!!! That’s all of them, now, except The Nexus Ring. That’s coming too, I’m told, some time.

Coteau has suggested it would be great if I could have some folks I know post a review for my books on the sites:

This is a great way to support writers you love – post reviews on Amazon, on kobobooks, on Goodreads, on Chapters, etc. Of course, if you don’t like the book, give it a pass and post a review on a book you love, instead. And buy books and tell friends – it all helps spread the word about favorite books.

Hmm, that reminds me. I think I have some new favorites to list on Goodreads.


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