Organic Editing

It turns out that writing as meditation is no easier with a cold than regular writing. Brain fog is brain fog. But it cleared, eventually, and I got back to work.

What I’m trying to do is kind of like floating, to move through my day letting the day be what the day will be. Which is exactly what it will be anyway. At least this way I recognize my lack of control over life. I wonder what today will bring?

In October we met some mountain sheep at Lake Minnewanka, just hanging out, and I was able to take a whole bunch of pictures using a zoom lens. This is what the day gave us.

This is how I need to write, to find what I find in a story. Other writers will recognize this. It’s often taught as freefall writing. I’m trying to extend that to editing.

I’m trying to turn off my cognitive mind and just let the writing write, the reading read, the editing edit. I’ve decided to call this organic editing, to distinguish it from cognitive editing. Editing without the thinking mind. I know, this sounds like total lunacy. And yet, here I go. This is my current writing exercise.

I’m trying to sit down to editing with a really quiet mind, and not let the thinking mind, the cognitive mind, get in the way. If it tries and I notice, I quiet it, or I stop working. Writing is sporadic and slow, and yet there’s something wonderful here I need to learn.

I’ve wondered if playing the right music or a teaching as background might be useful for keeping my mind where I want it to be. My first try was with Philip Glass. The music helped pull me into the right place in my mind, but once I was editing well, organic editing, then the music pulled me away and I turned it off.

I’m hoping organic editing will get easier with practice, as I train my brain in this new way of working.


Walking on Water

Today, I walked on water and was blinded by the light.

Well, okay, I walked on ice. On snow over ice, on frozen Lake Minnewanka. It was crisp and clear and blindingly bright, as the sun reflected off the snow.

Our plan has been to escape to the mountains once a week. We were derailed for the last month by colds and Christmas and bad weather. Today we could, so we made a dash for it. Our intended 20 minute drive to Bragg Creek became a 1 1/2 hour trip to Banff, when we realized how beautiful it was. Sunny, warm, clear roads.

The day was exquisite, and I feel recharged. I really do feel like I was walking on water. Canadian style.





25 Apr 2012, 3:08pm

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April in the Rockies

We spent a lovely day in the mountains. A rare morning fog hid the view as we drove west, until it lifted in a patch to show us a stunning mountain peak, visible through a hole in the fog as if it was a portal into another world.

Lake Minnewanka was still frozen; we explored the ice and discovered fascinating ice crystals, carefully packed spears of ice that broke from each other when we kicked at the ledge of ice.


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