The Veil Weavers ebook

The Veil Weavers will be available as an e-book starting next week. Yeah!!! That’s all of them, now, except The Nexus Ring. That’s coming too, I’m told, some time.

Coteau has suggested it would be great if I could have some folks I know post a review for my books on the sites:

This is a great way to support writers you love – post reviews on Amazon, on kobobooks, on Goodreads, on Chapters, etc. Of course, if you don’t like the book, give it a pass and post a review on a book you love, instead. And buy books and tell friends – it all helps spread the word about favorite books.

Hmm, that reminds me. I think I have some new favorites to list on Goodreads.


3 Apr 2012, 8:22am

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Books on Goodreads

I’m slowly figuring out Goodreads. I’m focusing on children’s books I love, but I’ve set up one shelf for my childhood favorites, and another for the books of writer friends, which I’m slowly working on. I apologize for not rating them (I know this is a great thing for Goodreads), but I figured if I gave them all a 5 it would be a little obvious, and if I rated them otherwise I’d feel like I was ranking my friends. Instead, they get a bookshelf.

Having said that, if anyone wants to review or rate my books, that would be delightful. Unless, of course, you didn’t actually like them, in which case I’d be fine with you spending your time on something else. Either way, thanks so much.


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