20 May 2021, 7:48am

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Writing for Adults

After a great away time for a deep spiritual drop, I am back, a little. I am no longer writing for children. I do have some projects on the go:

I have an essay on spirituality and aging in the anthology You Look Good For Your Age, by Rona Altrows, University of Alberta Press, just released.

I am one of 20 international contributors to a book discussing what it means to be awakened, from the lived point of view of ordinary people, rather than teachers or gurus. What’s Awakening Really Like, by Marianne Broug. It’ll be available later this month.

A new website is in the works  – it’s past time for a change.

And I’m loving taking photos. That’s become a joy. You’ll be able to see some in the website, coming soon.


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